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Challenge - Lack of storage space
Solution - SolarGuard™ Pony Wall Building
Size - Five 30'W x 15'H x 72'L
Application - Farming use
Location - Coulterville, IL

When Bruce Volpert saw that he needed more storage space at Post Oak Farms, he did not hesitate to purchase more TekSupply SolarGuard™ Pony Wall Buildings. He already had one on the farm, which he used for hay storage, as well as housing for his sheep and lambs. Knowing the product was of high quality, he continued to purchase additional buildings to house his sheep, alpacas, llamas and farm equipment.

Bruce enjoys the low cost of the structures compared to other alternatives. He says, "They are less expensive and quicker to construct than pole barns. It took us about 2 to 2.5 days with four guys to put up one building." Unlike other types of structures, "they cut down on investment costs and have increased seed production."

Pony Wall Building - TekSupply

The natural light that filters into the building is an added benefit, according to Bruce. Having previously used pole barns, which are dark and gloomy, the light was a welcome addition. "The white interior lets us get away with minimal lighting. The brightness inside the building is better for the animals and reduces their health problems."

"Visitors are amazed by our TekSupply buildings when they visit the farm. They are excellent buildings."

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