ValuTek™ Compact Fluorescent Lights

Full spectrum lighting instantly enhances the environment for you, your animals and your plants.

• The balanced color and optical clarity of full spectrum lighting offers the best in light therapy for people, pets and plants.
• Reduces eye strain, headaches, irritability and stress in the workplace, which in turn increases productivity.
• Perfectly balanced, natural light helps plants develop strong roots, healthy foliage and brilliant flowers.
• Closest to natural sunshine. Ideal for all phases of plant growth and most beneficial to human health.
• Medium base spring lamp (109714) is 6,500 K with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90 and fits incandescent fixtures.
• Medium base spiral light (109715) fits incandescent fixtures and lasts 10 times as long, while consuming 80% less energy.
• Medium base light (103999) fits incandescent fixtures and has a high CRI of 93 (100 = sunlight).
• Mogul base light (104998) fits our CFL fixture (105072) sold separately, and has a high CRI of 90, (100 = sunlight) a balanced Kelvin temperature of 5,500 K and is 120V.