Hilti Fast-Curing Mortar Adhesives

Fast-curing mortar achieves a secure hold in a short time, reducing how long you have to wait on drying.

• Effective in temperatures as low as -10°F, and even in freezing weather, it dispenses fast and easy with no lost time due to cold.
• Ideal for anchor installation on un-cracked concrete.
• Can be used on dry or wet base materials.
• Anchoring elements: HAS threaded rods, HIS-N internally threaded inserts, rebar.
• 10 oz.

Hilti's HIT-1

• Creates a secure fasten to solid base materials, like concrete or grout-filled blocks.
• A good option for a wide range of concrete and masonry materials, including materials that contain holes or voids.
• Easy to use, fast curing and good for temperatures ranging from 32°F to 95°F.
• Odorless.
• Styrene free.
• HIT-1 cartridge fits any standard caulk gun and comes with a mixing nozzle.