LED Shoe Box Pole Light

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THE LED Shoe Box Pole Light is great for street, road, garden, as well as custom lighting and it gives you the convenience of a long life with little maintenance required. Saves 80% on energy and has a 50,000 hour life.

• The fixture uses an aluminum fins heat sinks design that helps to disperse heat and promote a long, reliable LED life.
• This green fixture causes no mercury pollution, no RF interference and no IR/UV radiation.
• 100 W.
• This 100 W fixture can be used to replace a 300 W to 400 W HID lamp.
• Approximate lumens: 10,800.
• 120 V to 277 V.
• LED color temperature of 5,000 K.
• CRI: 80. IP65 rating.
• Mounting hole diameter of 2-1/2".