Gama Sonic® Victorian LED Solar Lamp & Post

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Light your business or home walkways and driveways with attractive, energy-efficient Gama Sonic® Solar LED Lamps.

• Automatically turn on and off for dusk-to-dawn illumination.
• Super-bright LED lights last for seven years or more.
• Proprietary prism design allows for better light dispersion.
• Rust-resistant, black, aluminum powder-coated frames require no maintenance.
• Beveled glass lamps add elegance to your driveway or walkway.
• Include mono-crystal solar panel and lithium ion battery. Battery lasts for two years or longer.
• Manufacturer's 1 year warranty.

Victorian Solar Lamp & Post (116407)
• Bolts included for mounting post.
• Comes with one Li-ion battery and connector.
• Brightness is equivalent to 35 W to 40 W.
• Expected hours of operation: 10-12.
• 2,700 K, 150 Lumens.
• 78" post with one bulb.

Please Note : Post is included on this model.