Multipurpose Strip Doors - Per Square Foot

Prefabricated, ready to install Vinyl Strip Doors have excellent optical clarity, permitting good visibility through doorways. Also useful for dust control and noise reduction.

Universal Strip Doors:
XR3740- 1/2 Overlap Light Duty Strip Doors - 8" Wide x 0.080" Thick.
• Perfect for pedestrian traffic and where temperature, noise, or dust control is required.
• Prefabricated to any size.
• Easy to install, all mounting hardware is included!

XR3742- 2/3 Overlap Standard Duty Strip Doors - 12" Wide x 0.120" Thick.
• Perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Standard Offset Strip Doors:
XR3744- 2/3 Overlap Standard Offset - 12" Wide x 0.110" Thick.
• For high traffic areas.
• Double ribbed.

USDA Approved, Low Temperature Double Ribbed Offset PVC Doors:
XR3746- 2/3 Overlap - 12" Wide x 0.110" Thick.
• For cold and freezer applications.
• Double ribbed.

Please Note: All are sold by the square foot. Please enter your door height & width in the special notes section in feet only we cannot manufacture in inches.