GrowSpan Series 500 Zippered Roll-Up Doors - Clear

Customize your GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Growing Structure with accessories to meet your needs.

• Rafter Adapter Kit allows you to change your rafter spacing from 6' to 4'. Purchase one for every 12' of length of your structure.
• Zippered End Panels are made from our 10 oz., 22 mil clear, rip-stop, polyethylene fabric.
• Rafter Support Packages are ideal for heavy-snow and wind areas. Also great for hanging lights, heaters and fans. Each package includes all necessary hardware for installation and supports one rafter.
• Roll-Up End options, which use our Hand Crank Assembly feature, are made from 10 oz., 22 mil translucent fabric.
• Innovative Ridge Vent Kits will increase ventilation inside your growing structure. They are easy to use and are operated manually. One Ridge Vent Adapter Kit should be purchased for every 12' of length of your structure.
• Greenhouse Door Kits are 48"W x 92"H and include all necessary hardware for installation. Choose either single or double style.