ClearSpan™ Premium HD Beef Master™ System - 50'W x 400'L

Item Number: T050BMPL400W Availability: Available in 15 days (Manufactured Product)
The ClearSpan™ Premium HD Beef Master™ Systems feature the most durable construction and are a great option for farms located in regions with harsh weather.

• The Premium HD Beef Master creates an environment where cattle can thrive. It keeps them safe and protected from weather, leading to healthier, more profitable cattle.
• This ultra-durable structure is mounted on i-beams and bolted onto cement piers in the ground, creating a foundation with the utmost security.
• Features a 7' feed shield that maximizes the structure's space. The cattle feed in a covered, controlled space on the side of the structure. The shield improves feed efficiencies and reduces wasted feed by protecting it from rain and snow.
• The feed shield has a clearance of 12', so TMR wagons and tractors can operate underneath without any issues.
• The other wall is open and features a 2' awning to help keep rain out.
• ClearSpan's Curtain Package is an ideal option for customers looking to partially close the wall in.
• The structure comes open ended, but can be outfitted with custom end walls.
• Covered ridge vent is included to maximize air circulation and to further ensure a healthy environment.
• Truss spacing is 16' on center, making it much easier to install feed bunks, headlocks and paneling.
• Truss arches are manufactured from American-made, triple-galvanized structural steel that provides a long life and corrosion resistance.
• 12 oz., 24 mil white premium cover.
• Industry-leading 20 year warranty on the cover and 50 year warranty on the frame.
• 50 sq.ft. per head is recommended.
• Concrete waffle wall options are available.