Bio-Security Mats

Let our Bio-Security Mats be your low cost solution to avoiding low milk yields, disease, quarantines, and loss of income!

• No spill, no waste, no contamination!
• It's easy to safeguard your investment in healthy livestock with Bio-Security Mats.
• Disinfectant-filled foam and polypropylene mats help stop the spread of hoof and foot problems, including hairy wart.
• Install at entrance to milking area in morning, rinse and dry at night, then refill with disinfectant.
• Cows prefer mats over messy trays, which can splash and spill.
• Disinfectant is forced through toes by hydraulic pressure from weight of animal, human or vehicle.
• Heavy-duty mats are 1-1/2" thick and hold up under extreme use.
• Manure washes off, and urine runs off full mat.
• The toughest mat on the market can be used either indoors or out.
• Ideal for human, car and truck traffic, garages, dairy stalls, utility rooms... anywhere that bio-security is an issue.