Jawz Rodent Traps

Gain control over any rat or mouse problem - no matter the size - with reusable Jawz Rat and Chipmunk Traps or Jawz Mouse Traps.

• These traps are made from heavy-duty plastic, and the strong spring allows for quick kills and the strength needed for larger rodents.
• Incredibly easy to clean. The plastic teeth of these traps break the rodent's neck, but do not break the skin. This allows for rodents to be easily disposed of, and the trap can then be rinsed, cleaned and reused.
• Designed to maximize catches and eliminate accidental tripping.
• Red display notifies you that the trap is set.
• Built in reservoir provides a space for bait and also reduces accidental tripping that occurs during the baiting process of conventional traps.
• These traps are easy to set and can be set with your hand or foot.