JT Eaton™ Answer® Gopher Bait

Answer for Pocket Gophers provides long term control, killing not only the resident gopher, but also gophers that may reinvade the burrow system.

• Highly palatable and effective gopher bait blended with a special water resistant material which allows it to be used underground.
• Less hazardous than strychnine or zinc phosphide bait.
• Approved for use on cropland and non-cropland, including nurseries, around homes, golf courses, gardens, parks, lawns, rangeland, orchards, groves, and vineyards.
• Even after initial kill, there's more than enough bait to help eliminate additional gophers who may invade the system.
• Stays fresh and tasty underground!
• Four 4 oz. blocks.
• Not EPA registered east of Mississippi.