Bird-X Barrier Spikes - Per Foot

Long lasting, foolproof polycarbonate spike blocks provide decades of maintenance free protection. Used on buildings and structures worldwide to eliminate the roosting and nesting surfaces of pest birds. These spikes are not lethal, just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting. Polycarbonate spikes are clear and lightweight and provide a low-profile method of keeping birds off your property.

• Available in 2 styles: Narrow Spikes for leges 2-1/2" deep or less, and Standard Spikes for most all other applications.
• Environmentally safe, transparent spikes will not rust or deteriorate, nor distract from the appearance of your building.
• Stackable 1' sections mount and attach easily and quickly.
• Polycarbonate plastics won't corrode or decay. These spikes can last a lifetime.
• Repels birds 24/7.
• Spikes can be installed on curved surfaces.
• Sold individually and each piece is 12" long.