DuroStat™ NEMA 4 Thermostat

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Clear flip cover keeps dial clean and easy to read!

• No-nonsense, affordable temperature control.
• Dependable performance at a super-low price.
• Controls heating or cooling from 30°F to 110°F.
• Stainless steel coil calibrated for accuracy.
• Dual Voltage: 16FLA @ 120V, 8FLA @ 240V.
• Can be used on 24V Systems.
• Waterproof enclosure with clear flip cover.
• Liquid filled stainless steel sensor.
• Turns equipment on at approximately 2 degrees above set point and off 2 degrees below.

Product Note: The CR2095 must be wired directly, no plug included. Wiring instructions are located on a white sticker on the inside of gray box.