Window Kits for Fabric Buildings

Complement your fabric structure's functionality and enhance its appearance with ClearSpan's unique window kits.

• While fabric structures traditionally don't have the structural design to support a window, these innovative kits can be installed in ClearSpan's fabric structures by utilizing foundational support.
• Window kits offer users increased ventilation and lighting, as well as the ability to monitor the entire operation from inside and outside the structure.
• High-quality, vinyl sliding window with steel framing for both end wall and sidewall installation.
• Window kits are available in two foundation options. The concrete option includes a baseplate for concrete foundations, such as slabs, piers or footing, while the helical option includes two 5' L, 2.875" OD helical anchors for buildings using ClearSpan's Helical Anchor foundation system.
• Kit contains everything required to install and seal a window in ClearSpan's fabric structures, including clear sealant, J-trim, casing with gaskets and foam sealant.
• Two sizing options: 36" W x 36" L and 48" W x 48" L.
• The window's lighting and ventilation benefits contribute to reduced energy costs and environmental impacts.
• Added ventilation produces better airflow and improved air quality, creating a comfortable environment that improves occupant well-being and productivity.
• These windows pair well with ClearSpan's Armor Shield Cover, boosting the amount of natural lighting in the structure.