3100 Series Dampers

Effortlessly control airflow with durable 3100 Series Dampers.

• Aluminum back draft dampers are engineered for strength and durability.
• Flanged mount frame.
• Blades are sealed with full-length, vinyl weather stripping.
• A profile of 1-1/8" allows dampers to fit in just about any wall.
• 113906 and 113907 have a maximum airflow 2,400 FPM.
• Motors have a cable pulley, so no delay timer is needed for fan.
• 113907 requires two motors (115224).

3100 Series Dampers and Shutter Fabric Kits
• This kit provides a closed-cell foam seal on the top and sides to prevent moisture. The bottom of the kit has a moisture wicking seal to remove unwanted build up.
• Comes with Tek screws that have neo-bonded washers to ensure no water can penetrate around the screws.

3100 Series Motorized Damper Kits
• Damper Kits include both the damper and the motor.
• 113906MK and 11390MK have a maximum airflow 2,400 FPM.
• 113907MK includes two motors (115224).
• For those that don't need the full kit, dampers and motors can be purchased separately.