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Handi-Foam Spray Insulation

Handi-Foam® products include foam sealants, window and door sealant, as well as a variety of Handi-Foam® kits for various applications. Use these products to help winterize your building in order to help lower energy costs, seal cracks and voids to prevent rodents and insects and to create a strong, permanent bond between building materials.

Handi-Foam® Spray Foams are designed to fill and insulate large voids and surfaces. Handi-Foam® Spray Foams are dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® Dispensing Unit for accurate and precise applications. Handi-Foam® Spray Foams are available in a variety of sizes, from small aerosol kits to large refillable systems.

Handi-Foam® Spray Foams are chemically cured systems and the cure process occurs very quickly — generally within minutes. Due to their excellent adhesion properties they provide a continuous air barrier with excellent insulating and sound deadening properties. Handi-Foam® Spray Foams are available in a variety of specific formulations to meet ASTM, HUD/FHA and Code of Federal Regulations requirements. There is a Handi-Foam® Spray Foam to meet your insulating needs.

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