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TekCoil & Plumbing

TekSupply carries a large selection of plumbing supplies or all of your plumbing needs including valves and gauges, water filtration, brass, steel, and PVC fittings, hose and more. TekSupply's TekCoil is a unique blend of metal and plastic pipe that offers efficient heat conduction and retention, making it ideal for radiant heating use. Need to water your plants, or cool your animals or workspace? We sell AquaCool systems and components — choose the system that best fits your watering and cooling needs. Save money with our flow control components featuring valves, PVC plumbing fittings, gauges and regulators for all your plumbing supply needs. We also carry top quality bulk hoses for your business, greenhouse, yard and building. TekSupply has a complete line of sump pumps for sewage, drainage, dewatering, effluent and wastewater removal, and flood control as well.

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