TekSupply recommends anchoring your temporary fabric structures, portable buildings, commercial canopies, garages, & carports with our huge line of anchoring systems. Use our heavy duty mounting feet for salt and sand storage buildings that are built on concrete or wooden foundation walls. Setting up your garage or portable storage building right on the ground? We recommend our ground anchor assembly for that type of application, great for installing buildings just about anywhere on your property or business! Keep your canopies and carports safe and securely on the ground with our auger style earth anchors, tent stakes, or ClearSpan canopy anchor kits. For best results install a ground anchor assembly, mounting foot, ground post, ground stake or auger style earth anchor at each point your US made triple galvanized frame touches the ground. For example a 20 foot long building with 4 foot rafter spacing would have 5 complete arches. Each arch would touch the ground or pony wall foundation in two spots, so you would require 10 ground anchors, or mounting feet, or ground posts per building, depending on your application.