VinylTek 16 oz. Curtain

Super Clear Curtain, with a "see-through" effect, lets the sun shine in, provides a nourishing environment for your livestock, promotes faster weight gain, and conserves your energy costs. VinylTek 16 oz. Barn Curtain is available in clear, white and super clear, which lets in maximum light. Priced per linear foot, VinylTek 16 oz. Barn Curtain features a matte finish doesn't attract dirt.

• Cold Crack: -40°F.
• Standard embossing: taffeta.
• Fabric: Polyester, Weft 1,000 x 1,000 denier.
• Weight 16 oz. sq. yd.
• Tensile strength: Warp 240 lbs., Fill 235 lbs.
• Tear strength: Warp 75 lbs., Fill 70 lbs.
• Hydrostatic resistance: 370 PSI.
• Formulation: additives for outside curtain and general applications add superior cold-crack and UV resistance.

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