Trap-Em Snake Glue Traps

Rodent & Pest Control

Are pest and rodents invading your warehouse, garage or building? We offer rodent bait, mouse traps, rat bait stations, animal traps, glue traps, as well as products to control moles, deer, gophers and flies. Whether for use at a worksite, in the garage or workplace, we have the right pest control for your application — reduce and eliminate gophers, snakes, birds, mosquitoes, and more! Need to control insects and pests where the use of chemical pesticides is not appropriate? TekSupply offers all-natural, environmentally friendly safe alternatives for the safety of your livestock. For a humane solution for ridding your garden and landscape from birds, deer and rabbit damage, we also carry natural repellents, ultrasonic repellers and liquid fence. Effective pest control starts at TekSupply.