Handi-Foam® E-84, Class 1 Two Component Kits 605

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Two component foam systems mix in the nozzle of the dispensing unit and the resulting foam cures very quickly. Now available in flame-resistant and blackout spray foam kits.

• Fill voids and cracks, use as plumbing reinforcement, deaden sound and vibrations, structural support, to seal air leaks, full home insulation and more.
• R-value of 6 per inch.
• Tack free in as little as 30 seconds and does not require air to cure.
• Conforms to any shape.
• Moisture-resistant cured foam can be trimmed, painted or sanded.
• Resists heat and cold: -200°F to 240˚F (-129°C to 116°C).
• Kits include patented dispensing unit, designed for increased output and accurate metering use.
• Kits yielding 16 board ft. include a cone-tip nozzle.
• Kits yielding 105, 205 and 605 board ft. include five cone and three fan-tip nozzles.
• Kits yielding 605 board ft. also include a crescent wrench to aid in tightening the hose fittings.
• Replacement parts and accessories are available below only for the kits that yield 105, 205 and 605 board ft.

Product Note: Handi-Foam products are intended for professional use only.