Sensaphone® 1800

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Sensaphone® Alarm Systems provide reliable, easy-to-use monitoring for a wide variety of applications. Cost-effective systems offer the flexibility needed while monitoring the most critical conditions.

• Reviews alarm history and who acknowledged the alarm event.
• Automatic input type configuration.
• Scalable range for analog zones.
• Programmable recognition times.
• Internal calibration.
• Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process.
• Local access: Keypad and speaker for local, voice-prompted programming. Password protected to restrict access. Recent alarm history playback.
• Remote access: Call in with any touch-tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions. Make program changes remotely from any touch-tone phone.
• Includes telephone line seizure.
• NEMA 4 enclosure has superior internal lightning protection.
• We recommend our Isotel Surge Protector, sold separately, to protect your Sensaphone® System in the event of lightning strikes or power surges.

Monitors up to eight conditions, plus power failure and sound level. Notifies up to eight people with custom voice phone calls. Web page data display. Full 3 year manufacturer's warranty.