PolyMax 6 oz. All-Purpose Fabric Black/White 12"W

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PolyMax unfinished fabrics have a million uses — limited only by your imagination! Heavy-duty all-purpose woven polyethylene fabrics are your low-cost solution! They are engineered to withstand a wide range of climactic conditions and stubbornly resist against ripping and tearing. Fabric is unfinished with nonreinforced ends, and you can easily seam several sheets together with SuperTape Seaming & Fabric Repair Tape. Contact us for special pricing on orders over 2,500 running ft.

• White side reflects heat and light, black side absorbs heat. Perfect for frost barrier in gardens or other climate-control applications.
• Use as a shade house cover to help maintain moderate temperatures for orchids during cold weather.
• Superior UV resistance.
• Holds up to prolonged heat and cold.
• Factory tested with high intensity light before shipping.
• 10 x 8 tapes/inch.
• 12 mil thickness.
• Priced per running foot.