Super Amp Master 7200 Dolphin Pump

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Dolphin Pumps are designed and manufactured for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption, allowing for cost-effective and worry-free operation of your hydroponic system.

• New high-performance wet end designs.
• Continuous-duty, weather-proof motors and dual-sealed bearings.
• For fresh water applications only.
• For indoor or unprotected outdoor use.
• Anti-vibration pump pad and new super seal unions included.
• Corrosion resistant.

Super Amp Master 7200 (111148).
• Designed to consume the lowest amount of energy per gallon pumped.
• Flow rates may be dialed back by a ball valve with no harm to pump. Electric current draw drops as flow is reduced.
• New super flow turbine-style impeller. New style stainless steel crane seal for superior seal life.
• 115 V, 1/3 HP, 50/60 Hz, 7,200 GPH.
• 2" supply and discharge.
• Comes with supply cord.
• 1 year manufacturer's warranty with free 10 year factory service guarantee.