Botanicare® 2' x 8' Low Tide Tray

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Easy-to-clean Botanicare® Propagation Trays can be used with a variety of growing media. Large drain channels make complete and efficient drainage easy for the hydroponic grower.

• Manufactured from white 70% recycled plastic wrapped in a virgin UV-resistant capping. BPA free.
• Can be used with several types of media, including our Horticultural Perlite, Grodan Delta Grow-Blocks™ and Coir Pellets, sold separately.
• Low Tide Tray (111105) provides greater flexibility for greenhouses and grow rooms and is designed for large-scale top feed drip, run to waste, or recirculation systems. Features a 2" gully on each side for better drainage than single center drains. Ideal for use with our Standard 1020 Flats, sold separately.
• Create your ideal layout by connecting several Low Tide Trays (111105) using the multiple bulkhead ports.
• Made in USA.