Horticultural Coarse Perlite - 4 Cubic Feet

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Horticultural Perlite helps plants thrive and improves soil structure, keeping it workable for years. This inorganic mineral will produce healthier plants that require less labor and watering.

• Perlite provides aeration and drainage, yet retains and holds substantial amounts of water that it releases when needed.
• The water-holding ability of Perlite also increases the nutrient holding capacity when water-soluble fertilizers are used.
• Can be used by itself, mixed with topsoil or potting soil, or any other sterile media for drip or passive hydroponic systems.
• Lightweight Perlite does not crush fine stems or root systems, making it ideal for growing delicate plants such as lettuce.
• Chemically inert, does not deteriorate and has an essentially neutral pH.
• As Perlite is sterile, it is free of disease, weed seeds and insects.
• Nontoxic, safe and economical to use. One 4 cu. ft. bag will fill approximately 64 one-gallon nursery pots or 8 of our 11 Liter HydroCycle Dutch Buckets (115683), sold separately.
• Ideal For: Commercial and Hobby Hydroponic Growing, Container Growing, Raised Beds, Rooftop Gardening, Propagate Cuttings, Soil Mixes, Lawns, Gardens, Seed Starting, Shrubs, Potting House Plants, Water Conservation in Landscaping, Turf and Grass.