ValuTek™ Direct Drive Exhaust Fan w/Shutters 12" - 3 Speed

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Designed for horticultural and agricultural applications, as well as factories, warehouses, garages, attics and restaurants. Remove and control unwanted condensation while improving inside air quality.

• High-performance, economical and versatile exhaust fan offers a quiet operation.
• Totally enclosed, maintenance-free motor comes complete with a 9' cord wired at 115V.
• Three-speed fans have built-in speed switches.
• Corrosion-resistant aluminum shutters.
• Tie bar reduces shutter flapping and opening on windy days and helps keep shutters closed when fan is not running.
• Safety powder-coated white grill on intake side meets OSHA standards.
• No electrician required. Just mount the fan in the wall and plug into an approved receptacle.
• Single phase. 60 Hz.
• Three aluminum blades.
• Comes completely assembled.