Flow-Aide™ System Descaler Kit

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Designed to improve tankless water heater efficiency by aggressively dissolving lime, water scale and rust.

• This environmentally friendly kit includes a 3.5 gallon bucket, 350 GPH, USA-made pump that comes with a 16' power cord, two 5' rubber hoses and 1 quart Flow-Aide™ Descaler Solution.
• Non-corrosive and easy to handle, this nontoxic, concentrated solution is safe for potable water lines, is biodegradable and NSF/ANSI 60 approved. Just add water.
• Recommended service: Commercial applications – every 3 months.
• Residential applications – annually or as needed.
• Ideal for evaporators, heat exchangers, ice machines, potable water lines, water heaters, boilers, chillers, condensers, humidifiers, tanks and all other water-operated equipment.
• Additional Flow-Aide™ Descaler Solution is available in handy 1 gallon economy refill bottle, sold separately.
• Restore and maintain equipment efficiency!