Quantem Variable Speed Controller 120V

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Automatic fan speed adjustment to meet varying seasonal conditions. Precisely modulate the speed of ventilation fans in response to changes in ambient temperature. Optimum air circulation is maintained in ventilated areas and buildings with minimum noise are efficient use of energy. A thermistor monitors the air temperature and, as the temperature rises or falls within a preset band above set point, the fan speed is correspondingly increased or reduced between maximum and minimum speed values. Especially designed for agricultural buildings, although of broad application in all ventilated areas, these fan controls are compact units designed to fit on a standard 4x4 junction box. Construction protects the electronic controls against dust and solid state design ensures long life and reliable operation.

• Temperature range: 35°F to 95°F.
• Idle speed adjustment: 20% to 75%.
• This unit does not shut off completely when set point temperature is reached.
• 120V.

Please Note: Do not use with motors over 1/2HP. 1/2 HP motors need to be wired 230V.