1-5-4 CNS17 Ripe - 1 Gallon

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CNS17™ Commercial Nutrient Systems feature 17 essential plant nutrients contained in convenient single bottle formulas, and include all macro and micro nutrients to grow healthy hydroponic crops. Revolutionary suspension technology encloses each nutrient to prevent binding or lockup.

Ripe 1-5-4 (111080).
• Designed to promote ripening in fruiting and flowering plants. Encourages plants to focus their energy on reproductive functions by depleting nitrogen to a minimum level while leaving phosphorous and potassium at optimal levels.
• Plants stay lush and green while fruits ripen faster.
• Use during the ends stages of bloom cycle to increase fruiting and flowering.
• Ideal for use with Hydro Grow 3-2-4 and Hydro Bloom 2-2-5.
• Available in 1 gallon containers.