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Customer Testimonials - Steve Z

Challenge - Climate preventing pool use
Solution - Premium Solar Star™ Gothic Style Greenhouse
Size - 14' wide x 28' long
Application - Pool enclosure
Location - Central Coast of CA

Having a pool and not being able to swim in it is a frustrating experience that Steve Z., who lives on the Central Coast of California, was tiring of. He explains, "I live in the fog belt, so even in the summertime the pool usage is limited. Even on days when the ambient temperature might reach 85° in the daytime, it can plummet to the mid-40s at night," causing the pool water to drop in temperature as well.

He already had a solar heating system that is designed to warm the pool water by circulating it to the roof of his house and back to the pool, but it is only effective on sunny days. With the drastic temperature fluctuations between day and night, Steve was also forced to run his electric pool heater during the summer. The drawback to his solar heating system, combined with the high cost of electricity and a growing environmental consciousness, led Steve to decide that he needed to find another, more environmentally friendly, way to heat his pool enough to be able to swim in it whenever he wanted.

Premium Solar Star™ Gothic Style Greenhouse - TekSupply

"I looked at professionally installed enclosures and the high cost was breathtaking," Steve says. "I started looking for an alternative way to cover the pool. I found several suppliers of glass greenhouses, but the cost was still high and I was concerned about the breakage issue." A 14' wide by 28' long Premium Solar Star Gothic Style Greenhouse became the solution to his pool heating problem. Constructed from 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate instead of glass, the Solar Star Greenhouse provides a cost-effective pool enclosure without any worries about glass breaking.

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