Electric Fencing Systems Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. I have an existing wooden post and rail fence around one of my horse pastures. Can I add the Electro-Web Polywire to make it an electric fence?
    We don't recommend it. The Electro-Web Polywire is not intended for use with horses. It will not break easily if they bolt through the fence and it could cause unnecessary injuries. If you want to add something to your existing fence, we recommend the Safe-Fence System. It is made of white polytape with electrified strands and is great for horses.
  2. Can all of your electric fence chargers be converted to solar power?
    No. We only carry two chargers that run on solar power, the Nomad and the Plainsman Solar Fence Chargers.
  3. How do I know if the fence is working?
    We offer a fence tester that works for both standard and low impedance fence systems. The tester can be calibrated to test from 625 volts to 5,000 volts. Indicator lights on the tester will let you know that the fence is working.
  4. Can an electric fence system harm my animals or people?
    No. The electricity running through the fence will not harm people or animals. It is designed so that you can feel it. It will hurt because it is supposed to act as a deterrent to your animals leaving the enclosed area and to predators getting in, but it will not cause permanent damage.

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