Tube Ventilation Systems Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. How do you make an elbow in the vent tube?
    We usually recommend using a metal ductwork elbow. You need to have something solid in place to make the turn. We would have to work up a cable design to hang it, but it is something that we can easily do. Give us a call and we'll help you design the layout.
  2. What is the maximum length of the tubes?
    It usually depends on the diameter of the fan. The length of the tube is going to be a driving force behind what fan you will need. The 24'' fan is effective to a maximum of 150'. Some of our fans will power longer tubes, but if your fan is not powerful enough, the end of the tube will be deflated and the calves on that end will not get optimal ventilation. Instead of running one, super-long tube, we recommend using two tubes that are facing each other with a fan on each end.
  3. Can square fans be used with vent tubes?
    We don't generally recommend it, but you can use a square fan. What you would have to do is add ducting to mount the tube on the front of the fan. You can use the metal ductwork and use clamps to attach the tube. The down side to using a square fan is that it is not designed for vent tube applications and it may not be as effective. You may be restricting the CFM of the fan and the motor will have to work a little bit harder than it should. It's always best to use a fan intended for vent tube because you will get better results.
  4. Is a support kit provided with the tubes?
    No, we don't provide the support kit because there are so many different applications. It depends on the structure and the material the tube will be mounted to. If your building has wooden rafters, you will need lag bolts. If the rafters are made of steel, you will need eye bolts. Speak with a National Account Manager about your specific application and they can help you determine exactly what you will need to properly install your tube ventilation system.
  5. How long is the vent tube going to last in my barn?
    That is going to depend on your facility. We have the two options. We have a 4 mil plastic film which is a one year tube. It can last a little longer but it doesn't have as many UV inhibitors as our 7 mil material. With proper maintenance on a standard 7 mil tube, it will last for 5 to 10 years. Proper maintenance includes cleaning it off once in a while, checking the fan and making sure there aren't any birds living in it. If you shut the system down for any length of time, birds may try to move in.

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