Calf Gate Systems

Questions & Answers
  1. What is the lead time on ordering a custom calf gate system?
    It depends on the time of year. These gates are manufactured to your specifications when you order them. Usually the lead time is 2 to 3 weeks, but it can sometimes be pushed out to about 1 month during our busy season.
  2. Are the gates made with square or round tubing?
    Our calf gates and main frames are made with square steel tubing and the gate stub that locks into place is made with round tubing.
  3. What is the gauge of the steel used in the calf gates?
    Our calf gates are made of 14-gauge, triple-galvanized steel. It is the same steel we use for our fabric structure frames. It is galvanized inside and out to ensure it lasts as long as possible.
  4. Are these systems easy to add onto?
    Absolutely, if you already have a TekSupply® Galvanized Calf Gate System, adding on to it is easy. Let us know what you already have and we can set you up with the equipment you need to add on to an existing system.
  5. Are your calf gates compatible with other manufacturers?
    No, our Calf Gate Systems are custom made and designed to your specifications by the manufacturer we work with. They are unlike any other calf gates on the market. Many other suppliers sell units that connect. Our Calf Gates are manufactured and will not connect to them.
  6. How tall are the gates?
    The individual gates are 38" high. The main gates are 48" high. We can customize our systems if you are looking for something smaller or larger.
  7. Can I purchase the individual gate instead of the whole framing?
    Yes, we have single gate options available. They are called mini gates and are 4’ wide. They have all the same features as the Calf Gate Systems, but are a single unit.
  8. What information do you need from me to help size a Calf Gate System?
    There are a few pieces of information we would need to help you size a system. We will need to know the dimensions of the area where the Calf Gate System will be installed. We will also need to know if there are existing posts that you plan on using to mount the system. If you have posts, we need to know how thick the posts are and what the dimensions are between them. Also, if you know what size calf pens you need, that will help us determine how many poly boards, divider panels and pieces you will need. We will also need to know the depth of the calf pen so we can provide you with pieces that are the right size. Other important considerations are if you want a gated aisle way, we will need to know how large your gates are to determine how much clearance you will need. For example, if you are trying to swing a 12’ gate, you need about 13’ of aisle space to swing the gate completely open without obstruction.
  9. Do you have to move the whole main frame gate to get the calves out of their pens?
    Each pen has an individual gate with hinges and latches so you can get into each pen without disturbing the other calves.
  10. Is there a minimum order size?
    There is no minimum order size. We can get you anything you need, from one hinge to an entire system.

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