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Questions & Answers
  1. How often should I flush or clean my water lines on the drinker kits?
    It depends on your water source. There should be a filter in front of the water line to remove any sediment before it gets into the system. We recommend that you inspect the water lines at least once per month and flush or clean them on an as-needed basis. Even a small amount of sediment can really affect water flow to the nipples. Maintenance is important to make sure your birds always have access to fresh, clean water.
  2. Do I need to filter the water if I have a well?
    We recommend filtering the water from any source. It will reduce the amount of sediment in the system and provide your birds with cleaner water.
  3. Can I use a natural water source like rain water?
    It depends on the type of drinker. If you are using the drinker lines or kits, we don't recommend it. If you are using a nipple bucket drinker system or a fountain, you could use a natural water source. Just make sure the water is clean, healthy and not infected with any pathogens before giving it to your birds.
  4. Will the water heater get hot enough to injure my birds?
    No, the heater will not get hot enough to harm your birds in any way. The heater is just warm enough to prevent water from freezing in the drinker.
  5. How long will it take for my birds to adjust to a nipple drinker? Do I need to train them?
    Birds will adjust quickly to a nipple drinker, but you will need to train them how to use it. You will really only need to train one or two birds and the others will pick it up from them. To train them, we recommend that once you install the nipple drinker, tap the nipple to get some water on your finger and tap the water onto a bird's beak. Repeat this a couple times. Chickens are naturally curious and will be drawn to the red color of the nipples or the glistening of the water. All you need to do is make a connection in their brain that the nipple is their water source. Once one bird learns, the others will follow suit.
  6. Can I get end panels with the ClearSpan™ Pastured Poultry Chick-Inn Coop?
    Yes, we are the manufacturer. We will build to suit your needs.
  7. Can you advise on what I need to sell my eggs?
    We cannot. We recommend contacting your state. They will be able to fill you in on the rules and regulations concerning selling your chickens' eggs.
  8. Can I add ventilation, cooling or heating to the ClearSpan™ Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch?
    Absolutely. We offer over 30,000 products and aim to be your one-stop shop. If you want to outfit your Chick-Inn with everything you need to keep it climate controlled throughout the year, we can do it. Give us a call, let us know what you're thinking and we will use our experience and knowledge to provide you with a solution.

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