ClearSpan Storage Buildings and Garages Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. On average, how long does it take for a building to be delivered?
    It varies throughout the year, but if you are planning on buying one of these structures, let us know so we can put you on the schedule and get your building to you when you need it. On average, it takes about eight to ten days to manufacture one of these buildings and shipping time depends on where you are located.
  2. Do you offer installation services?
    Yes, we have a construction team that can erect any of our structures. If you will require installation services, let us know when you order your building so we can schedule the team to be there when your building arrives.
  3. Can these buildings be insulated?
    These buildings can be insulated. We install the insulation in between the rafters. A lot of times, people do not want to see the exposed insulation so they add a second cover to the inside. One of the great things about our buildings is that they can be insulated and still deliver natural daytime lighting.
  4. What keeps my building secure?
    We have several different anchoring systems for all types of foundations, including soil anchors, mounting feet for concrete or wood pillars. We will be able to make sure that your building will stay put. Our covers are secured in place by our unique ratchet system that will keep your cover tight to the frame.
  5. How difficult is it to build one of these structures?
    All of our structures come with complete assembly instructions and most of the time they can be installed using simple tools. A couple of people should be able to put up a building within a few days.
  6. What kind of foundation work is required?
    One of the great things about our buildings is that we can put them on any level surface. We can mount these buildings directly into soil with our Helical Anchoring System, onto wooden or concrete posts and more. The amount of foundation work required is really up to you and what will work for your specific application.
  7. What sort of maintenance is involved over the lifespan of these structures?
    The most important thing is maintaining and tightening the ratchets on the cover. You will usually need to tighten them two or three times a year. As long as your ratchets are tight, your building will be sturdy and functioning properly.
  8. How long will the fabric cover last?
    The cover will last between 15 and 20 years. Our 12.5 oz. material is made of rip-stop polyethylene and is extremely durable. The only thing that breaks it down is UV exposure. In areas where the building is baking in the sun all day, the cover will last closer to 15 years, however, if the building is in a shaded area or where the sun isn't as strong, the cover will last 20 to 25 years. Even if your cover gets torn, the hole will not get bigger and it can easily be repaired with our Fabric Repair Tape.
  9. How much does it cost to replace the cover?
    The cover costs about 10% to 15% of the total cost of the building.

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