Livestock Buildings Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. Is it possible to add end walls to my structure later on if I chose not to do it during the original build?
    Absolutely. We manufacture our structures, so give us a call and we can design an end wall system for you at any time.
  2. What keeps my building secure?
    We have several different anchoring systems for all types of foundations, including soil anchors, mounting feet for concrete or wood pillars. We will be able to make sure that your building will stay put. Our covers are secured in place by our unique ratchet system that will keep your cover tight to the frame.
  3. Do you have any building plans or layouts for feeding pigs?
    For specific layouts, please contact one of our National Account Managers. There are a lot of factors that go into designing the ideal building for your specific application, so give us a call and we will be happy to design something for you.
  4. Can you upgrade the Economy Moo-Tel™ to the 12.5 oz. cover once the 6 mil film needs to be replaced?
    We are the manufacturer, so we can design a custom cover for your building with film or fabric in any thickness you want.
  5. Will the sun affect the lifespan of the cover on my building?
    Our 12.5 oz., 24 mil cover material comes with a 15 year warranty. The cover should last at least that long, depending on your location and how well you maintain it.
  6. How difficult is it to build my building?
    All of our structures come with complete assembly instructions and most of the time they can be installed using simple tools. A couple of people should be able to put up a building within a few days.
  7. What happens if my cover gets torn?
    Our 12.5 oz. material is made of rip-stop polyethylene, so if your cover does get torn, the hole will not get bigger. It can be easily repaired with our Fabric Repair Tape.
  8. Are these buildings engineered for wind and snow ratings?
    These buildings are not engineered to specific wind and snow loads. Some of them are listed with wind and snow load ratings, but most of them are not. However, these buildings are designed to withstand the harshest of winters and for areas with heavy snow loads we offer rafter support packages. If you need engineered stamped drawings for your building, our engineering department can work with you to get what you need.
  9. Can you put a gutter system for rain water run-off on a Beef Master™ System?
    It has not been done yet, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. We would need to design a support system to hold the gutter in place and that is something you can discuss with your National Account Manager during the design process of your building.
  10. Do you have any equipment for cattle buildings?
    We have a full line of equipment for cattle buildings including free stalls, gates, headlocks and pens.
  11. What kind of foundation work is required for these structures?
    One of the great things about our buildings is that we can put them on any level surface. We can mount these buildings directly into soil with our Helical Anchoring System, onto wooden or concrete posts and more. The amount of foundation work required is really up to you and what will work for your specific application.

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