Free Stall Dairy Equipment Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. What size loops do you have?
    We offer free stall loops in different dimensions based on a customer's requirements. If you have small Jersey heifers or large Angus cows, we can get you the size stall that is appropriate for your application. We custom manufacture these stalls to order, so if there is something special that you need, just ask.
  2. What happens to the corrosion protection when these pieces are welded together?
    Most of our equipment can be bolted together, it is not necessary to weld. However if a customer decides that they want to weld this product together, we offer a coating that you can spray on afterwards if you burn off the galvanization.
  3. Are your parts compatible with other manufacturers' parts?
    Most of the time, yes, if we can get the outside dimensions on your particular equipment. If you are looking for replacement clamps or parts, we will try to get you what you need. If not, we can make recommendations on where to go for it. Most of the time, our stall clamps do work with other manufacturers' parts and some farmers actually prefer our clamps because of the safety features that are on them.
  4. Do you offer other dairy housing solutions besides free stalls?
    Yes, we have tie-stalls, pack barns, calf barns and more. For the most part, any facility that you would need we can provide for you.
  5. Is there a minimum order size?
    No, if you want to try out a couple stalls, you can do that. We can work with you to customize anything you need.

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