ClearSpan Warehousing & Storage Facilities Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. What is the main difference between ClearSpan Fabric Structures and other fabric structures?
    The main difference between us and other manufacturers is that we do everything from concept through construction. Most companies only do part of the process. Either you're dealing with someone that deals another company's building, a company that manufactures the steel but outsources the fabric, or a company that doesn't have their own engineers. We are fully staffed with engineering, installation, design, sales and customer service teams. With us, you're only dealing with one company. You don't have to worry about figuring out who to call. We are really your solution from beginning to end and we will be there for you the whole time. That is really what differentiates us from other manufacturers.
  2. On average, how long does it take for a building to be delivered and installed?
    It varies throughout the year, but for an average-sized building it usually takes about 60 days from the day the building was ordered to delivery. It can be shorter than that if necessary and we have been known to get buildings out much faster than 60 days. However, as soon as you know you need a building, give us a call. The more time we have to design your building, the smoother the process will be.
  3. Where can I see one of your buildings?
    We encourage you to see a fabric building before deciding to purchase one, especially if you have never been in one before. We have buildings all over the country and we have customers in every state that are more than happy to show off their buildings. Give us a call and we can find a building close to you for you to visit.
  4. Can these buildings be insulated?
    These buildings can be insulated. If you have an application that is temperature sensitive and need a little more temperature stability, we can provide you a solution. We recently constructed a building in Las Vegas to a rating of R-31.
  5. Can you install conveyors in these buildings?
    There are a couple of ways to install conveyors in these buildings. You can hang them inside or they can come into the building from the roof or the side. We will need to know the specifications of the conveyors and where they will be so we can account for them in our design.

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