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Challenge - Shelter from wet weather
Solution - ClearSpan High Crown Arena
Size - 60' diameter
Application - Outdoor riding arena
Location - Hatfield, AR

As the owner of Zen Horsemanship, a horse training facility based in Hatfield, AR, horse trainer and author Dolores Arste specializes in clicker training to develop the best possible relationship between horses and humans.

"A horse is our best mirror and will reflect back what we project," Dolores says. She adds, "Putting this together with classical dressage skills to move both our bodies and the horse's body in ways that will keep him and us pain-free and working at the highest level is our desire."

Dolores previously had a round, uncovered pen to conduct riding and training lessons in, and says, "When it rains in Arkansas, it really rains." Lessons would often have to be delayed or cancelled due to the wet and muddy conditions. The soggy weather led Dolores to search for a covered pen that would not only provide shelter from the elements for horses and riders, but also blend flawlessly with the beautiful Arkansas scenery.

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"We first saw a covered pen by another company; we even made inquiries. The response from that company was less than interesting," Dolores says. "Once we contacted TekSupply the experience was totally different," she continues. She decided on a 60' diameter ClearSpan High Crown Arena, and says, "In no time we had complete instructions on how to put up the building. This made things incredibly easy. We could make all the arrangements to get the building up in the very short time that we allowed."

The arena has allowed Dolores to teach riders and train horses no matter what the weather, and she says the openness of the arena enhances the whole riding experience. "It makes you feel like you are outside, while still being in a protected space," Dolores says.

About High Crown Arenas

ClearSpan™ High Crown Arena is ideal as an Equestrian Center, Indoor Sports Facility and so much more. As an Equestrian Center, our High Crown Arena offers safe, controlled environment and reduces distractions, allowing both horse and rider to stay focused. Great for schools, parks and recreational facilities. Host your games and events regardless of the weather or season. Cover and optional side panels are manufactured from 22 oz., 23.2 mil PVC-coated polyester that comes with a 15 year warranty.

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