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Challenge - Low maintenance, climate-controlled environment
Solution - Greenhouse & cold frame
Size - 12'W x 20'L greenhouse with attached 12'W x 24'L cold frame
Application - Aviary
Location - Louisa, VA

The nonprofit organization, Project Perry, rescues and provides sanctuary for parrots without homes. Founder and director Matt Smith started the organization several years ago to offer a safe place for birds who have no other options.

While Project Perry has a number of warm-weather-only aviaries, they needed a structure to get them through the winter so that the birds would not have to come inside when the temperature became cold.

"In searching for a year-round aviary with winter heat, my thoughts turned to greenhouse technology," says Smith. He explains that the organization "needed something that insulates well and uses high quality, sturdy materials to keep birds safe inside and predators out."

Parrot Greenhouse Sanctuary - TekSupplyIn addition to purchasing a TekSupply greenhouse, Project Perry also bought a matching cold frame that attaches to their "winter greenhouse section."

"We meshed out the cold frame using high quality stainless steel mesh. Once spring comes around and the weather turns warm, we will use the mesh-only section to prevent the birds from getting too hot in the greenhouse section during the summer." Smith emphasizes that he sets the intake and exhaust fans at a comfortable level, so when the air gets too hot for the birds, the fan draws in fresh, cool air. He says, "the large intake opening and the powerful exhaust fan make for quite a breeze through the aviary — it's very nice."

"We chose TekSupply greenhouses and cold frames because of the seemingly unlimited options and variations which worked with our endless creativity for turning them into aviaries," Smith reveals. "The number one benefit our TekSupply structures provide is a low maintenance, virtually self-controlled environment. Everything in regards to the temperature is automatic — the heater, the intake and the exhaust. An unexpected bonus is that we are now able to provide a tropical-like setting to exotic birds in captivity; we grow bird-safe foliage inside the aviary, such as small palms, due to the year-round warm environment. However, the best benefit is that the birds get to live in a cage-free, flighted environment that is as natural as is possible within captivity — in a flock/community setting, with others of their kind. It is important to their health and happiness."

Aviary Greenhouse - TekSupply Aviary Greenhouse - TekSupply Aviary Greenhouse - TekSupply

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