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Challenge - Nebraska climate
Solution - Storage Master
Size - 38'W x 72'L
Application - Horse riding arena
Location - Brainard, NE

Michele Jakub wanted to find a way to serve people by using horses and, little by little, she came up with the idea for Ridin' on Faith Horse Ministry. Knowing that there were horseless horse lovers out there, she wished to give everyone access to horses. "Most of the people that come here don't own horses," Michele says. She is able to offer riding lessons, day camps and retreats for people of all ages who want to ride horses or just be around them.

Yet the climate of Nebraska meant that sometimes she had to cancel programs that she was planning to run in her outdoor arena. "Nebraska is a very windy state," she notes. "Horses and wind don't go together very well." Michele decided that she needed an indoor riding arena so that she could have a more definite lesson schedule. As she started doing research on arenas, she found that the price of metal buildings was too high. "We're farmers," she explains, "After seven years of drought, things got real tight." Then she discovered the TekSupply Storage Master and the price and roll-up sides sold her on the building.

Storage Master - TekSupply

The roll-up sides turned out to be one of Michele's favorite aspects of her TekSupply arena. "I was surprised at how I could control the temperature in the building. While metal buildings are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, with the roll-up sides on my arena, I can keep it cool in the summer. It could be 95 degrees out, but if there was a breeze, I wouldn't have to cancel lessons."

Another benefit that Michele received from her TekSupply arena is that she can schedule programs throughout the year. "I can heat my arena all winter using a propane heater with 100 lb tank on each end of the building. I wouldn't have thought that this kind of cover material would retain heat as well as it does." Since Michele can heat the building in the winter and use the roll-up sides to cool it in the summer, she never has to postpone activities. "I can advertise on my website rain or shine!" she says. The quietness of the building is a surprise to Michele. Unlike her steel equipment shed which is quite noisy during a storm, she finds that in her arena, "even when the wind blows, the building is just quiet."

Horse Riding Arena - TekSupply

For anyone considering a similar purchase, Michele recommends utilizing TekSupply's technical support if there is any confusion over installation. "Technical support has been really good. If we hit a few stumbling blocks, I could call right in and get things explained."

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