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Customer Testimonials - Bonk Brothers Supplies, Inc.

Challenge - Storage
Solution - Freestanding Building
Size - 30'W x 15'H x 60'L
Application - Bulk Salt Storage
Location - Howell, MI

After experiencing a wind storm that destroyed the salt storage structure of Bonk Brothers Supplies, Inc., Dave Bonk knew he needed a building that was more structurally secure and could withstand the winds. A business down the street from them had a TekSupply building and when Dave saw it, he knew that TekSupply was the solution to his problem.

Dave wanted the structure to be assembled quickly because he needed his 250-300 tons of salt to be covered from the elements. He says, "The assembly directions were very clear and the building went together easily. All the parts fit as designed." Happy with the results, he adds, "The building is very structurally strong. It is obvious that a lot of engineering went into the design of the building."

Another aspect that he likes is the height of the TekSupply structure which allows for easy access to the salt. It is convenient because the "height of the building allows delivery trucks to dump inside the building, saving time to pile the salt. It also expedites loading customers, eliminating the need to untarp the salt as you load it."

Salt Storage - TekSupplyDave continues, "The building is visually attractive and adds to the look of our landscape supply business. It also visually tells our customers we are serious about maintaining a quality product by properly storing it."

With his salt securely under cover, Dave is very satisfied with his building — "Excellent product, great customer service and competitively priced. You can't make a better choice than a TekSupply building!"

About Freestanding Buildings

The potential for these hoop buildings is limited only by your imagination. Ideal for livestock production, hay, grain, sand, salt, truck and tractor garage, composting and much more! Pony wall buildings are intended for use on wood posts or on a foundation wall and are considerably less expensive than the typical $30-$40,000 cost of a traditional metal or wood building. Pony Wall buildings can be built on any surface in just a few days. The premium silver/grey 12.5 oz. cover reflects light which keeps the building cool in the summer while the built-in wide skylights let the sun shine in. The building is constructed from 14 gauge USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing and the cover includes a 15 year warranty. All pony wall buildings come complete with heavy-duty mounting feet that have pre-drilled fastening holes.

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