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Challenge - Open Air Housing for Farm Hogs
Solution - Pony Wall Building
Size - 30'W x 15'H x 90'L
Application - Hog Housing
Location - Ephrata, WA

When Pure Country Pork, a continuous, farrow-to-finish, year round pork production company, started producing high quality, free-range pork, they wanted animal housing structures that would help fulfill their commitment to raise pigs in a healthy, all natural environment. They purchased thirty TekSupply Pony Wall Fabric Structures.

"These hoop structures allow pigs to move about freely, protected from weather extremes," explains owner Paul Klingeman.

Prior to purchasing the TekSupply fabric structures, the Klingeman's used high density commercial hog confinement housing on slats, gestation stalls, farrowing crates, nursery pens, grower and finishing rooms with concrete, and slated floors with manure pits.

"The biggest challenges we face are pig health issues and employee health issues. The hoop structures help us resolve both," says Mr. Klingeman.

He continues, "our pigs' performance is excellent, even in extreme weather temperatures. The pigs are healthier in this type of structure. There are no odors; the waste is naturally composted and adds organic matter to the fields. It is very good for the environment. It is also much easier to keep the animals healthy here. I believe there is less stress on them — they are more animal friendly and seem happier, playful, and at ease, as opposed to confinement, where the animals are compacted together and bored."

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"I chose TekSupply because I felt that the structures were well built and easy to construct. They are also environmentally friendly. I had seen some TekSupply structures that were fairly old (10-15 years), and I was impressed at how well they have held up over the years. We had 130 mph winds that blew down power lines, irrigation circles, and trailer houses. All of our hoop structures stood through it and are in really good shape. The TekSupply structures also shed the snow very well."

For those considering making a TekSupply purchase, Mr. Klingeman suggests, "it is not a huge capital investment — you can build one at a time verses a confinement building where you have to build several buildings all at once. I highly recommend TekSupply. It is a good product that can be constructed easily, but most important, it is an excellent company to work with; they are friendly and very helpful. They treat their customers right."

About Pony Wall Buildings

The potential for these hoop buildings is limited only by your imagination. Ideal for livestock production, hay, grain, sand, salt, truck and tractor garage, composting and much more! Pony wall buildings are intended for use on wood posts or on a foundation wall and are considerably less expensive than the typical $30-$40,000 cost of a traditional metal or wood building. Pony Wall buildings can be built on any surface in just a few days. The premium silver/grey 12.5 oz. cover reflects light which keeps the building cool in the summer while the built-in wide skylights let the sun shine in. The building is constructed from 14 gauge USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing and the cover includes a 15 year warranty. All pony wall buildings come complete with heavy-duty mounting feet that have pre-drilled fastening holes.

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