Warehousing & Storage

TekSupply is the leading manufacturer of storage and warehouse tension fabric storage buildings for commercial, industrial, and business use. Manufactured in the USA, our temporary warehouse buildings, carports, boat storage buildings, equipment garages, and storage buildings are constructed of the finest USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel framing and UVI treated, weather-resistant fabric. We offer both permanent and temporary storage solutions to meet your equipment storage and portable garage needs.

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan HD Buildings
ClearSpan HD Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - Storage Buildings
Storage Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan Hybrid Buildings
ClearSpan Hybrid Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan Metal Buildings
ClearSpan Metal Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan Fabric House Buildings
ClearSpan Fabric House Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan Low Profile Buildings
ClearSpan Low Profile Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan Commodity HD Buildings
ClearSpan Commodity HD Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - ClearSpan™ Pavilion Buildings
ClearSpan™ Pavilion Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - PermaTherm Insulated Metal Buildings
PermaTherm Insulated Metal Buildings

Warehousing & Storage - Doors & Hardware
Doors & Hardware

Pony Wall Building - 36'W x 48'L
Pony Wall Building - 36'W x 48'L
Storage Master Elite - 24'W x 36'L
Storage Master Elite - 24'W x 36'L
ClearSpan Open Garage - 18'W x 52'L
ClearSpan Open Garage - 18'W x 52'L

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