Shutters & Vents

TekSupply offers a wide selection of louvers, shutters, and vents in various sizes. TekSupply carries exterior-grade PVC shutters, stainless steel shutters, aluminum shutters, maintenance free operation shutters, corrosion resistant shutters, as well as louvers and vents for your garage, warehouse, machine shop or storage buildings. Improve airflow and reduce condensation all year long with a solar vent or motorized shutter!

Shutters & Vents - ClearSpan Gable Vents
ClearSpan Gable Vents

Shutters & Vents - ClearSpan Base Vent
ClearSpan Base Vent

Shutters & Vents - Wall Louvers
Wall Louvers

Shutters & Vents - Poly Exhaust Shutters
Poly Exhaust Shutters

Shutters & Vents - Aluminum Shutters
Aluminum Shutters

Shutters & Vents - Motorized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters
Motorized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters

Shutters & Vents - Solar-Powered Vent Opener
Solar-Powered Vent Opener

Shutters & Vents - GigaVent Solar Vent Opener
GigaVent Solar Vent Opener

Shutters & Vents - Solar-Powered Liberty Louver Opener
Solar-Powered Liberty Louver Opener

Shutters & Vents - Greenhouse/High Tunnel Auto Vent
Greenhouse/High Tunnel Auto Vent

Shutters & Vents - Greenhouse Power Vent System
Greenhouse Power Vent System

Shutters & Vents - Aluminum Exhaust Shutters
Aluminum Exhaust Shutters

Shutters & Vents - 3100 Series Dampers
3100 Series Dampers

Shutters & Vents - Blackout Shutter Kits
Blackout Shutter Kits

Shutters & Vents - End Wall Vent Kits
End Wall Vent Kits

Shutters & Vents - Insect Screen Kits
Insect Screen Kits

Pony Wall Building - 36'W x 48'L
Pony Wall Building - 36'W x 48'L
Storage Master Elite - 24'W x 36'L
Storage Master Elite - 24'W x 36'L
ClearSpan Open Garage - 18'W x 52'L
ClearSpan Open Garage - 18'W x 52'L

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