Landscaping & Gardening

Keep your lawn and organic garden healthy and beautiful! We offer a large selection of landscaping supplies and equipment such as poly mulch, garden hoses, garden carts and wagons, composters, sprayers, sprinklers and more. Monitor and maintain optimum conditions for your heirloom garden, plants, flowers and vegetables with our soil testing probes and meters. TekSupply helps you control weeds, pests and apply fertilizer with our line of sprayers. We can also help you maintain your vegetable garden, plants and flowers with high quality garden tools, ground cover and seed mats. Save money on costly store-bought chemical fertilizers, while improving plant growth and quality with our composters. Dramatically increase your vegetable, herb and flower production with our raised bed kits, mini cold frames and accessories!

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Landscaping & Gardening - Seed-starting, Pots, & Trays
Seed-starting, Pots, & Trays

Landscaping & Gardening - Carts & Wagons
Carts & Wagons

Landscaping & Gardening - Ground Covers & Erosion Control
Ground Covers & Erosion Control

Landscaping & Gardening - Pumps & Sump Pumps
Pumps & Sump Pumps

Landscaping & Gardening - Lawn Watering & Garden Hose
Lawn Watering & Garden Hose

Landscaping & Gardening - Landscaping & Garden Gloves
Landscaping & Garden Gloves

Landscaping & Gardening - Mini Cold Frames
Mini Cold Frames

Landscaping & Gardening - Landscaping Tools & Equipment
Landscaping Tools & Equipment

Landscaping & Gardening - Lawn & Garden Sprayers
Lawn & Garden Sprayers

Landscaping & Gardening - Garden Accessories
Garden Accessories

Landscaping & Gardening - Raised Bed Kits & Accessories
Raised Bed Kits & Accessories

Landscaping & Gardening - Soil Testers & Monitoring Meters
Soil Testers & Monitoring Meters

Landscaping & Gardening - Compost Building & Accessories
Compost Building & Accessories

Landscaping & Gardening - Livestock, Poultry & Produce Scales
Livestock, Poultry & Produce Scales

Series TSW Weatherproof Digital Temperature Switch
Series TSW Weatherproof Digital Temperature Switch
Canarm Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Ceiling Fan - 48"
Canarm Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Ceiling Fan - 48"
3100 Series Damper - 24" x 24"
3100 Series Damper - 24" x 24"

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